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Ambulance Emergency Driver Training

We are a FutureQuals accredited centre and can provide Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Ambulance Driving Certificate (L3CERAD) courses, at your location, across the UK.

About Our Service

We are a recognised training provider to NHS Ambulance Trusts in the UK

FTS Solutions has a long history in ambulance training.

This includes Emergency Response Driver Training (often referred to as “Blue-light” training)

Our professional and experienced trainers have hundreds of years of experience between them, working within the NHS, voluntary and private ambulance services, and in Police and Fire & Rescue Services around the UK.

Our courses are recognised throughout the UK and beyond as the gold standard driver staining for working on emergency ambulances.

What We Do

Blue-light Training

We are approved and accredited by FutureQuals Centre Number AC259.  FutureQuals are the approved awarding organisation of Ambulance Driving qualification for NHS Ambulance Services.

Who can learn emergency driving?

There are strict rules on who can attend emergency response driving courses or ultimately use blue lights. This is because blue light driving is a high-risk activity and needs to be strictly regulated.

To attend a blue light driving course you need to be employed by an NHS Trust, or a CQC registered private ambulance organisation.

For this reason, we do not run “public” courses and instead we run courses for NHS, Voluntary, Charity and private ambulance organisations.

If you are an individual looking for blue light training for a specific purpose, we can provide a course for your employer, if they are NHS provider or CQC registered and meet the criteria set out by FutureQuals.

Supply of qualified instructors to NHS Trusts

We currently supply instructors weekly to most NHS Ambulance Services across the UK

All of our trainers are competent and qualified to deliver the L3CERAD qualification and meet the requirements FutureQuals

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Each enquiry will be treated individually. We will provide a competitive quotation and advise you on what you need to do to comply with regulations.

Our Services

Whilst supply of ambulance driving instructors remains the largest service we provide, we also provide the following services:

  • Supply of clinical instructors to NHS Ambulance Services

  • Remote clinical marking for UK Ambulance services

  • Provision of full ambulance driving qualifications through our own accredited centre.

  • Remote Assessor & IQA Services (portfolios)

  • What we provide

    Each enquiry will be treated individually. We will provide a competitive quotation and advise you on what you need to do to comply with regulations


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